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Location / Surabaya, Indonesia

Client / Surabaya, Municipality

Type / Commercial

Status / 2016 Commission 


Neither floor nor roof. Sentra PKL Tambasari is our attempt to accommodate two basic needs from people of Tambaksari. The first requirement is to provide a sheltered space for street vendor market. The second one is a confined space  playground facility. We purposed a single slab of floor to accommodate both requirement. Which the floor serve as a roof for the street vendor market on the ground floor, and its also serve as a ground plane for playground on the upper floor. Connected with a continuous ramp, and large void, both activity on different floor will be interrelated both visually and phisycally.

Shape of the floor is generated by subtracting extruded triangular area with cutaway and void for trees for furthermore connect between two floors by avoiding massive shape. The irregular floor shape turn out to be problematic for conventional structural grid. Parameter random position of column then applied to the area of the floor, furthermore triangular grid are introduced to connect the column as structural beam. The result is uncommon form both aesthetically and structurally.