our idea:

Antarctic is a changeable place. The weather can rapidly shift from clear blue skies and sunshine to snowy blizzards and foggy. Our main task is to make a durable, adaptable and easy-constructed station that will well-adapted to strong wind and low temperature.

Easy-constructed means that the station has to be flexibly moved to one and another place. We make the module as movable as it could by 3 kinds of transportation. So we took the smallest module in each transportation to make the main core module. It is possible to deliver it by helicopter, ship or ground transportation.Every unit is prefabricated. It is delievered as a package of one square box (3m x 3m) which could be expanded by 2,5m each side.

Due to the fragility of the Antarctic environment, we choose kind of vehicle which is easily movable and have sustainable technologies to reduce the ecological footprint.

  • Land vehicle

Nodwell 110

The nodwell 110 is a multi purpose two tracked vehicle capable. The nodwell 110 can be affixed with various types of auxiliary equipment like dump boxes.


Length : 6.20 m           / Width : 3.05 m           / Height              : 2.97 m

  • Air transportation

Sikorsky Air Crane S-64 F

  • Water Transportation

Cargo ship


We use hydraulic telescopic support and avio bridge system the expanded frame from the main module as durability aspect.To deal with the low temperature, Indoor walls are equipped by heat insulation material which are polyurethane foam and fiberglass. Solar panel walls facing on the outside, which is capable to gather environment’s energy and convert it to the heat and electricity for a basic necessaries.