designer / puti tyas ambunsari

year / 2013

tutor / endy yudho prasetyo

text & review / endy yudho prasetyo

I always fascinated by folding architecture, and this model is no exception.

This work is a submission from my student for her final Studio project on second semester, this model was her idea for space exploration through folding object. Investigate how we could create 3 dimensional space by manipulating 2 dimensional object (cardboard paper in this particular model).

The idea was to create single space that contain more spaces that defined by dynamically changing space height in regards of folded “roof” above. Even though in this particular object we refuse to use the common words such as roof, wall, and floor, we simply describe it as space boundary, whether it’s a vertical or horizontal boundary. As a results, there are undefined space boundary that neither wall or roof.

Additional horizontal space boundaries was later added to enhance physical definition of outside and inside, to create the sense of indoor and outdoor. The chosen boundary was a transparent material to visually contradict the sense of indoor and outdoor. The equal ‘floor’ elevation of indoor and outdoor was design to again blurring the border between the two.


photos by Faris Shidqi