Location / Gresik, Indonesia

Client / PT. Semen Indonesia, UISI, Semen Indonesia Foundation

Type / Campus

Status / 2015-2016 Commission 


Our idea in this project is to reuse the former  factory into a campus rather than build new buildings in other areas. The interesting thing will be felt as a simple sensitivity that sometimes occurred in our minds. When the activity in a former cement factory has disappeared and leaving the physical building, then we will be amazed on scale space, the volume is created, also how beautiful the concrete wall with cement dominance. Admiration was hardly appear when building previously served as a factory, because that was the architecture of a cement factory, isn’t it? We feel this decision is important, because the issues that must be resolved not only about the reuse of a space, but how an architecture -space and  form-will be able to dig memory and trigger a person’s sensitivity and awareness on something.