ORDES Internship Program is an event held by ORDES studio in terms of responding architecture practice of final year student. Many preparations are taken by ORDES to give the best possibilities for interns to develop and to implement their skills. Listing the candidate of internship and selecting by their motivation letter and portfolio are the first step of the program. Many applicants come from many regions, within the same province and one of them is the student in one of notable university in England. The applicants later become the candidate to join the program. They start to join gradually from June to August.

Responding to intern’s various interests. ORDES studio offers more than one channel of intern’s skill implementation. Considering the basic step to design, thinking-communicating-doing, ORDES studio is able to offer four schemes. The first scheme is executing design project to enhance the ability of construction and working drawing. The second scheme is focused on experimental architecture which is gaining the systematical way of delivering ideas. The third scheme is researching ORDES project as architectural study and the fourth is to communicate and to research intern’s interest on architectural subject.

In planned schedule most of interns will end their program in September because of student new year. Interns show their gratitude for their enhanced ability and suitable facility, time, and concern of ORDES studio. In this sense many of them are motivated to apply their knowledge in the program to their academic study. ORDES studio is also feeling relief although there are many lacks in time and energy to concern with intern’s need for improvement. Nevertheless, ORDES Internship Program 2016 is successful and officially closed.

Defry Agatha Ardianta and Endy Yudho Prasetyo as principal architect give some comments about OIP 2016. “Time and energy are two things that hard to share because of our main task as lecturer.” While ORDES staffs really appreciate the works of intern student. Some students are giving really good talent for further challenge in architecture practice or academic intension. These talented students bring many further considerations to accommodate and to facilitate better for the next program.

Interns Students also mention their suggestions to ORDES Internship Program. Here are some of them. Intern’s works must be more intensified, so the points to hold and to feel laborious atmosphere will be significant.

Intern student also give their testimonial statement below:

  1. “It’s really nice to be here, the staffs are very friendly and accommodating.” Aria Sari, student of Sriwijaya University
  2. “Hard to define but it makes me know about new understanding of architecture.” Nurkhoisah, student of Sriwijaya University

May all of these endeavors are bringing better vision for intern students and giving chance for ORDES studio to actively contribute on both architecture practice and academic purposes in architecture studio. Below are the participants of Ordes Internship Program 2016.

Participants of Ordes Internship Program 2016 :

  1. Sadida Aghnia, ITS student
  2. Rezon Kevin Tandean, Petra student
  3. Putri Melati Dewi, ITS student
  4. Octorino Tjandra, NU student
  5. Gilang Fajar K., ITS student
  6. Aria Sari, Unsri student
  7. Nurkhoisah, Unsri student