Location / Surabaya, Indonesia

Client / PT. Pelindo III

Type / Office

Status / 2016 Proposal 


The head office is identical with the figure expected to reflect the characteristics of the company through its look. It is also expected to be possessed by the Central Office design Pelindo III. The corporate colors have been selected as one of the things that should be easily caught on the figure of the building, and integrating with design ideas in building mass which have to be iconic.

The idea of the design of building mass comes from simple geometries with consideration of a plan that is the most effective form as an office which is located on the site conditions in accordance existing land. The form has four orientations, both from inside of the building and how it will be enjoyed from the environment. The form is then rotated to the consideration of this building will be a landmark because of its dimensions are quite prominent in the neighborhood. Rotating aims to enrich the orientation and access of the building to accommodate the view of the building.