Location / Semarang, Indonesia

Client / PT. Pelindo III

Type / Office

Status / 2017 Commission 


This project is a part of our numerous design series for PT. Pelindo III branch office across East Indonesia. The design concept is bound to the company corporate branding that reflect the company spirit of modernity, transparency, and simplicity of bureaucracy. The arrangement of program distinguish between the public zone area located at the nearest possible zone from the main site entrance to ensure visual and physically easy access for public, and the private zone that house the company staff and private office activity without compromising each zone for the ease of accessibility. The overall Geometry of the office very much influenced by the modern barn-shape combine with the local pattern to accommodate the company demand of modernity in local context.

This particular project located in Semarang, Central Java are hosting not only for the PT. Pelindo III branch office but also it’s company subsidiary, PT. TPKS. The arrangement of program for the two office are quite challenging since it’s required to merge as one at certain area but differentiate at another.