designer / mochammad taufic rozaqi

year / 2013

tutor / wawan ardyan suryawan

text & review / defry ardianta

an innovation can emerge through sensitivity and critical view of the condition, as well as an innovation in architectural design.
Taufic Rozaqi’s work is one of the works that try to look critically at the potential of a land with all its conditions. the location of this object is in the area with high wind speeds, and this is a thing to be observed, and transformed from a less favorable conditions to be a start of an innovation idea.

recreation and entertainment that have begun to shift from an object that has a closeness to nature (beaches, mountains, etc.) into objects with artificial objects (modern playgrounds) trying to be recalled by a simple form of innovative ideas; a wind park!
wind as one of the natural elements utilized not only as a source of building energy performance support, but is positioned as a means for people to relax and see the wind shapes in a variety of modes of recreation.

the design results obtained from a consistency in placing the full potential of wind as the basis for designing process to come up with a show that innovation is not enough to just want to present the unique shape of the building or make a ‘different building’, because actually it’s uniqueness is a consequence of the basic ideas that have footing carefully.